Hospital employee with perfect pinic meal
Hospital worker standing next to two boxes filled with Perfect Picnic meals
Hospital workers standing next to a cart of Perfect Picnic meals

Feed a Unit and We'll Feed You!

Feed a Unit and We'll Feed You!

We are delivering meals daily to local hospitals and Covid-19 response centers. 

Help us support doctors, nurses and other medical personnel by sponsoring a unit of 50 heroes!

Sponsor a unit today and we will thank YOU and celebrate your generosity with a complimentary Gold Picnic experience for two at the pool in Central Park!

*We are providing the picnics at cost to encourage our customers to donate*

Deluxe Picnic with a Purpose provides 50 meals to local healthcare workers. The 50 meals feed an average sized hospital unit.

50 Baguette Sandwiches
50 Bags North Fork Potato Chips
50 Chocolate Chip Cookies 


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